Matcha Zenergy Wellness Shot

Matcha Zenergy Wellness Shot

Matcha Zenergy Wellness Shot


Matcha is the healthiest and highest quality type of green tea, because the youngest and most potent green tea leaves are carefully prepared to maximize nutrients and ground into powder, so you consume the whole leaf and all of its wonderful benefits. It has been an integral part of Japanese and Chinese tea ceremonies for over 1000 years.


Matcha is rich in antioxidant catechins – primarily ECGC – the subject of many medical studies for its anti-cancer, anti-heart disease, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Its also the main source of L-theanine, known to reduce anxiety, improve mental focus and increase cognitive performance.


Quality matters: Elixir Shots imports the finest ceremonial grade matcha straight from Japan, USDA organic certified, from the historic cultivating region on Nishio, Japan, known for its fertile mineral rich volcanic soil and pristine waters. The vibrant green color of Zenergy shots are what everyone’s matcha experience should be. Lots of “matcha” available is a dull light green color, which does not have the benefits or positive mental and physical effects of the higher quality variety.


Zenergy: this wellness shot is special because of course, it contains the highest quality matcha we could find on the planet, but also, we added some key ingredients to maximize benefits.

-       Grapefruit: citrus increases the antioxidant catechin absorption by 5 times! In addition, grapefruit effects a liver enzyme that enhances the action of caffeine/theine by making it last longer in the body.

-       Apple cider vinegar: metabolism booster and aids in burning fat. It also helps stabilize blood sugar and decreases the risk of diabetes.

-       Peppermint: relieves gas and bloating, anti-inflammatory, helps curb cravings.





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