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Matcha Boosts Antiviral Immune Function

on November 30, 2021

Matcha Boosts Antiviral Immune Function

If you give healthcare workers green tea compounds, they come down with the flu about three times less often than those given placebo. Even just gargling the tea appears to help reduce influenza infection by 7 to 8-fold! Matcha boosts the immune system by increasing gamma delta T cells, a type of immune cell that acts as “a first-line defense against infection.” “Subjects who drank six cups of tea per day had up to a 15-fold increase in [infection-fighting] interferon…production in as little as one week”. 

Pro tip: steep it cold and take with citrus to amplify its effects! This boosts the antioxidant capacity and heat may denature some of the beneficial catechins. Elixir Shots Zenergy matcha is cold steeped and the grapefruit optimizes the pH to pull out more of the amazing phytonutrients from this high quality tea!

Caution: please avoid green tea supplements (pills). These are often from China contaminated with lead and have been known to induce liver failure. Learn more here