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How to Avoid Dead Juice: Choose HPP


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By “dead juice” we mean juice containing only inactive nutrients and antioxidants because their phytochemical benefits were killed by the pasteurization process. This leaves you with sugar water when you think you’re drinking vitamin C packed orange juice, for example. Ever wonder why some juices in the store need refrigeration, yet some can sit on room-temperature shelves for months? Traditional pasteurization consists of heating beverages to high temperatures (160-240F) to kill any microorganisms that can cause spoilage. This also kills most of the biologically active nutrients. Take vitamin C, for example, which begins to denature at 86 °F. By the time it gets to your mouth, you’re lucky if you get any vitamin C at all. Thiamine (B1), pantothenic acid (B6), and folic acid also get destroyed, and many more. Furthermore, the complex plant nutrients that we aren’t able to synthesize in a lab are lost too. Antioxidants lose 60% of their activity at 212F. You can really taste the difference too. We call it the “zing” quality. You know it when you shoot an Elixir Shot.

What is HPP?

High Pressure Processing applies pressure to the drink equivalent to taking it 40 miles underwater! This kills the microorganisms and bacteria that cause spoilage, while preserving the good stuff like antioxidant activity and vitamin content. No heat or chemical preservatives needed.

Make sure it’s cold-pressed and HPP

Another important factor in nutrient loss is the juicing process itself. Conventional (non-cold-press) juicers heat the product while it’s juicing, killing nutrients again! No wonder airplane orange juice tastes so bland. Yuck! At Elixir Shots, we cold-press and HPP in order to preserve as many nutrients as possible. Did we mention - Elixir Shots 2 oz. shots are TSA friendly? Our shots have been brought all over the world easily on carry-on. Never drink dead juice again.

What if it’s not HPP?

The problem with conventionally processed/heated drinks is that not only are they killing the good nutrients, but you’re still getting the same amount of sugar. Therefore you’re drinking a cup full of sugar and dead nutrients. You may as well drink soda. If the drink is completely unpasteurized, however, or “fresh squeezed,” this has the highest amount of nutrients so it’s very healthy, but it only lasts a few days before bacteria start the spoilage process. So for practical and health reasons, HPP wins.  

What about Supplements?

Supplements are also unfortunately a major source of dead nutrients. We know that antioxidants, for example, have anticancer properties and people who eat more antioxidant rich foods get less cancer over time. But, this does not come true for those who take antioxidant supplements. To make a supplement, manufacturers heat nutrients and dry them before processing them into a powder so that they can have an extensive room-temperature shelf life. Unfortunately, the cost to nutrients and health is high. That is why Elixir Shots farm-to-bottle in 3 days, so we can get the most nutrients (and zing!) into your body. By the way, did you know over 90% of supplements in the US are tainted with contaminants or don’t have the active ingredients they claim to have in them? Read more here

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