Healthiest Fall Foods

Healthiest Fall Foods

Eating foods in season makes a huge difference in health benefits! Why? Because for one, the produce grows much better during its peak season – meaning it’s much more dense in beneficial nutrients when it's growing in its ideal environment. Ever wonder why sometimes tomatoes taste amazing and sometimes they’re super bland? It’s probably because they were grown outside of their optimal environmental conditions (like growing indoors due to poor weather conditions) OR it was picked really early before it was ripe, in order to ship it long distances. Also, during those long transit times, most produce loses 30 percent of their nutrients within 3 days! This is the second reason why eating out of season means less healthful food. When produce must be shipped from far corners of the world, it is picked before it is ripe so that it will not spoil on the journey over, and it therefore does not get the chance to soak up all of the wonderful nutrients from the soil and mature with the energy of the sun as it would have. Ever wonder why papayas and pineapples in Hawaii taste so much better than those on the mainland? They got to ripen on the tree/plant and then were picked when they were fully matured and ready to come off, rather than picked way too early when they’re still overly acidic. Luckily for Elixir Shots lovers, turmeric is in season in Hawaii most of the year thanks to the tropical year-round weather, AND the turmeric shipments are expedited so they never spend more than a day in transit! This allows us to harvest the turmeric only when it has reached its peak ripeness.



-       BEETS

-       CARROTS

-       CELERY


-       APPLES

-       GINGER


-       SQUASH

-       PUMPKINS


-       PERSIMMONS!!

-       DATES


-       AVOCADOS

-       GUAVAS




Do the first 4 ingredients look familiar? That’s right, this means our Endurance shots are packing maximal power. Careful, you might fall in love all over again. You did read about the mood-boosting aphrodisiac quality of beets right?


Not only that, but Vitality, Immunity, and Zenergy will be extra bumped up with vitamin C and polyphenols for maximal defense heading into these winter months. 



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