Foods that cut belly fat

Foods that cut belly fat

Foods That Cut Belly Fat

  • Ginger: spikes metabolism and reduces hunger
  • Turmeric: prevents human fat cells from taking up fat
  • Green tea: for 10x extra strength, choose matcha
  • Grapefruit: especially red grapefruit. Also lowers cholesterol 
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: as little as 1 tbs per day
  • Soy: the protein in soy causes abdominal fat to shrink

Foods that Increase Belly Fat

  • Milk: the protein (casein) increases abdominal fat
  • Meat: many studies meat increases obesity - especially abdominal fat 
  • Low calorie sweeteners: tricks the body into overcompensating
  • PCBs (pollutants found in fish oil)

Elixir Shots Immunity and Vitality got your turmeric and ginger covered. Since these are never heated and powdered, they work much better than the processed powdered stuff when it comes to shedding the pounds. The Zenergy shot has the highest quality green tea on the planet straight from the organic farms of Japan, mixed with grapefruit and apple cider vinegar for that extra belly blasting boost.  Yes, Dr. Delbruck had purpose in mind when she designed these - slim waists and great tastes!

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