What is the Best Way to Take Turmeric?

What is the Best Way to Take Turmeric?

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Raw Fresh Turmeric

If you have the time and inspiration to grate turmeric root, you will reap the benefits of consuming the whole root rather than losing any nutrients during processing. However due to the high fiber bulk content of the herb, it is more difficult to ingest a concentrated therapeutic amount. Turmeric has so many benefits such as, it is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immune boosting, helps with joint pain and many more. 

Turmeric as a Shot

No, not an injection. Cold-pressed turmeric juice shots! The best way to get a reliably potent source of curcumin, the main active antiinflammatory ingredient known for relieving arthritis pains and much more, is it drink your fresh turmeric juice. Not only does it have much higher levels of curcumin compared to capsules or powder that have been heated and dried, it is also more readily absorbed. And did you know it's TASTY!? Elixir Shots Immunity was voted the tastiest turmeric shot on the market in 2021. Nothing like 100% Cold pressed juice. Turmeric, Ginger, Orange Juice, and black pepper to help increase the absorption of the Turmeric. Wellness shots are the best way to consume your Turmeric. Remember Turmeric by itself doesn't taste very good this is why Elixir Shots has made you 2 Tasty wellness shots. Vitality and Immunity

Turmeric As a Powder

Unfortunately, turmeric is known to be one of the most adulterated spices in the world. Many powders bought in US grocery stores are contaminated with lead which is thought to be a significant source of lead poisoning among households. This is especially true for spices imported from India and Bangladesh. They also often contain artificial coloring and cheap substitutes like rice powder. If you’re going to use powder, make sure it’s at least sourced from USA. At Elixir Shots our turmeric is sourced from our family farm in Kauai, called Secret Beach Organics. It’s a 100% organic, regenerative, family owned farm.

Turmeric in Pills

This may be the most convenient form next to turmeric shots, but it is also the most dangerous. Most people assume that when they buy a supplement, what’s listed on the ingredients is what’s in the pill. This is not always true. Over 90% of supplements on the market (at your general drug or health food store) either contain contaminants not listed or do not contain the ingredients the label claims to contain! Many of the contaminants are downright dangerous - including heavy metals, amphetamines, and other pharmaceutical drugs. Many of them are also contaminated with mold and bacteria. 50,000 Americans are harmed every year, many of them hospitalized for kidney or liver failure. This is unfortunately because the Dietary Supplement Industry is extremely poorly regulated in the United States. In fact, the only quality control measures required are for the company producing the product to check their own product quality! No oversight! If you’re going to take a supplement, make sure it’s been third-party verified - meaning another independent organization tested it for quality control. Generally if it has the “USP” label on it, it should be safe. Or, look it its rating on Consumerlab.com

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