Regenerative Farming to it's Finest!  🌱

Regenerative Farming to it's Finest! 🌱

What are the benefits of regenerative farming?

Regenerative farming produces crops with increased nutritional value, including more essential vitamins and minerals. This reflects the increased health and biodiversity of the soil it comes from. By taking care of the soil and ensuring it is rich in essential nutrients, plants are able to produce more fruitful, beneficial foods for us to consume. Moreover, this practice of regenerative farming actually pulls CO2 from the atmosphere back into the fertile soil, reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and global warming to quite an alarming extent. Learn more here


What is Regenerative Farming?

It is farming practices that help restore the soil to its optimal health. As you might imagine, if the same food is grown in the same soil over and over, the soil gets depleted of the nutrients absorbed by the plant you are growing. We have an epidemic of this around the world, and it is causing death of the natural biodiversity in the soil and nutrient poor foods. That is why regenerative farming includes practices like crop rotation and allowing animals to graze and fertilize the soil with manure that recycles the nutrients and restores the microbiome of the soil. It also means not using toxic pesticides which are hurtful to humans as well. At Elixir Shots we choose produce grown on regenerative farms to create the most nutrient dense shots on the planet with the highest quality ingredients. We are excited to bring to you the most luscious turmeric on the planet from our family farm in Hawaii, which had great soil health from the mineral rich lava sediment to start with, but crops are also rotated and cows and horses regularly cycle through the farm to graze and revitalize the soil!

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