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Healthy vs Unhealthy Juice

on October 20, 2020

Doctors caution against juice because it notoriously contains mostly sugar and typically has zero fiber, a protective nutrient against sugar. This is true. But why are Elixir Shots juices not only healthier but recommended for everyone to include in their daily life? Each Elixir Shot contains potent herbs and superfoods that are low in sugar and extremely abundant in medicinal properties. This helps people consume more of these beneficial compounds than they would ever consume by eating them. For example, Elixir Shots Immunity has 15,000 mg of turmeric per 2 oz shot. A standard curry dish has 1,000 mg turmeric. That means it would take 15 curry dishes to equal the same amount of turmeric! (Not to mention, curry is very high in fat, and Immunity has only 35 calories per shot.) The concentrated 2 oz. shots give a tasty nutrient rich dose of plant power without the sugar and empty calories. Elixir Shots are like liquid super fresh vitamins, polyphenols, minerals, and more! They are special juice shots that everyone will benefit from drinking on a daily basis. They also make great gifts for family and loved ones!



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