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Overcome your inflammation, gut issues, and low immunity with clinically-proven Red Hawaiian Turmeric straight from our family farm.

🌟 Boost your immunity
πŸš€ Increase your energy
🌿 Reduce inflammation
⚑ Live your healthiest life

Which means unparalleled potency, and significantly more healing curcumin thanks to Kauai's volcanic soil. This is the reason that we're able to be farm-to-bottle in 3 days.

From our family to yours, we extract, pack, and ship every shot. We're small but mighty, and with that comes better customer service.

Some inflammation is good. For example, when you bump your knee and it swells, it would not heal without systemic inflammation to initiate the healing process. However, when we aren't eating right, or exercising right to counter excessive, chronic, low-level inflammation we are contributing to low immune health, and potentially deadly diseases.

The fact that many write to us daily about how much their overall health has improved is the reason why we decided to start Elixir Shots. But, we want to hear from you no matter regardless if Elixir Shots was a catalyst in turning your health around. We're always open to feedback. Let us know how we can improve!


How do you ship them and will they arrive cold?

All of our shots are shipped with a biodegradable liner and drain-safe ice packs ensuring they arrive to you fresh and cold!

Can I take these everyday?

Yes! Our shots can be taken every day for extended periods of time. If taking consistently, please consult your doctor for confirmation that the shots you're taking supplement your current routine.Β 

How many shots can I take a day?

Our concentrated shots can be taken up to three times a day depending on how you're currently feeling. We recommend a single shot for daily wellness and up to three when you are looking for a bit more. We suggest starting with one and seeing how you feel (with or without food) and find out what works for you. As it turns out, I already took two today!

When is the best time to take my daily dose of wellness?

Great question! When you take the shots is completely up to you and how your body feels. Our doctor recommends taking them with food at anytime or after breakfast as they are very potent.

Are these safe for children to drink?

Yes, our shots are food grade and safe for kids! If your child is under 12 we suggest you have them take half the shot. Lots of kids love our shots, but if your child has a hard time with the taste the shots can be diluted in water, smoothies, juice, etc.Β 

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