Super Easy, Healthy and Delicious Beet Soup Recipe!

Super Easy, Healthy and Delicious Beet Soup Recipe!

Super Easy, Healthy and Delicious Beet Soup Recipe! 

This plant-based recipe will have your arteries singing with praise. It’s the ultimate anti-venom to the savages of the standard American diet. Beets are nature’s wonderful superfood. From healing the inner lining of your arteries and improving circulation to its massive antioxidant power, any opportunity to get beets into your diet is a win! If you’re not familiar with the amazing benefits, see more here.

Beet Soup: This is THE easiest dish to make period, and it works as an entire meal. Beets make a wonderful soup base because they contain so much flavor, you actually don’t need to add any salt or other flavoring!


  1. In a large pot, add chopped beets (with the greens! The greens are super healthy too), frozen peas, corn, and water up to the level that everything is immersed in water.

Optional: add 1-2 tsp vegetable bouillon. Imagine it’s pure salt and use that to determine how much you want to add.

  1. Bring to a boil for 15 minutes.
  2. Add cooked beans (canned or jarred. Or, if you’re using dry lentils, boil these for 15 minutes in the pot alone first, then add the beets and veggies to it).
  3. Turn heat to low, add chopped chard (or spinach) and bell peppers.
  4. Cover and cook for another 5 minutes. 
  5. Turn off stove, let pot sit covered to cool down
  6. Top off with squeeze of lemon

Adding the bell peppers, greens, and lemon towards the end preserves more vitamin C and other heat sensitive nutrients that make these vegetables super healthy! Luckily for beets and their greens, the heat doesn’t destroy the most active helpful compounds!


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